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Replacement Handles for Solstro, Dakstra, Balio and RoofLITE windows

Please identify from the menu below, your type of roof window to ensure that the handle fits. You'll find your roof window type plate on the top of the sash. You only need the first two or three letters in the code.This spare handle is suitable for roof windows with the following letter codes: AP, APX or APV. AA, AV, AAX, AVX, DP, DPX, DVX, FOF, MOEV, MOEVX

If you have any of the following codes on your roof window then please select our HANX product code instead: AA, AV, AAX, AVX, DP, DPX, DVX, FOF, MOEV, MOEVX.

To replace a handle is very easy.

Is your roof window handle broken or damaged? Because we can replace it for you if your roof window is a Solstro, Dakstra, Balio or RoofLITE.

Our handles are ergonomically shaped and made of grey zinc. They have 2 ventilation positions and can be locked.

Please check the compatibility of your roof window handle with your roof window type before buying. 

How can I check what type of roof window I have?

Just open the sash and you'll find a roof window type plate at the top. The first two or three letters are relevant for checking compatibility. If your roof window, for example, is an AAX S6A B500 BASE, please select the handle type with 'AAX'.

And if you have any questions, please contact us, and we will talk you through it. If you can't find any type plate or a label on the sash, it probably means our handles do not fit.